1. My name is Emma Gindy, I'm a junior ComDes major.
  2. Aside from this class being a major requirement, interning at a creative agency this summer that specialized in web development sparked an interest in me! My background prior to college is in fine art- mostly drawing- but since college I have fallen in love with design/illustration and am currently really interested in branding.
  3. My only experience with HTML was last year in Type 1 we created a super basic webpage, it was a terrifying experience for me and I spent most of the assignment being confused. I'm hoping that's not the case in this class!
  4. I don't have anything specific that I'm hoping to learn in this class because I don't even know what there is to learn! I'm looking forward to delving in to a completely new area of the design world.
  5. I feel like scale becomes all the more important when you're desining for screen because you are most likely viewing the product on a smaller scale all together.
  6. A website I think exemplifies effective design is https://baveldtla.com/. I think visually it is compelling and interesting and it is legible and easy to navigate through. I also love the incorporation of motion and illustration.
  7. I think the website for urban outfitters (https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/) displays effective communicaiton. The different pages and sections of the website are clearly labeled and it is well organized.
  8. A website I think works well is http://katiforner.com/. I love the movement of the pictures and the way the images move when you scroll and navigate throughout the site. I also think it is visually compelling and I think the clean aesthetic of the site complements the designer's work.